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About the Friends of the Library

We invite you to become a Friend of the Rutgers Law Library. As a Friend, you will receive special Library benefits, and you and your practice will be recognized by the law school as a member of the Friends Program. By joining you also will help us to enhance the quality and scope of our collection and to ensure its continued excellence for future generations of students, faculty and researchers. We need your help as a Friend to continue the strong tradition of research support and service that are the hallmarks of the Rutgers Law Library.

Recent and Future Events

04/19/07 Germany and the European Union in 2007 View Photos and Video for this event.
Friends of the Rutgers Law Library presents "Germany and the European Union in 2007" with special guest speaker Dr. Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York City on Thursday, April 19, 2007 from 6:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m.
03/08/07 Reception and Panel Discussion on "ELECTRONIC VOTING: WILL YOUR VOTE COUNT?" View Photos and Video for this event.
Problems with vote counting in the 2000 election prompted Congress to pass the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2002. HAVA provided funds to help states modernize antiquated voting systems. As a result, counties throughout the U.S. rushed to purchase computerized voting machines. Not everyone agrees that these computers offer an improvement. Many believe that they can be hacked easily and votes can be manipulated.

Professor Penny Venetis of the Constitutional Litigation Clinic challenged the constitutionality of electronic voting machines and won a victory in the NJ Appellate Division. Professor Felton has done extensive work on the vulnerabilities of the software and hardware of voting machines. Representative Rush Holt has introduced federal legislation to protect electronic votes. Come hear this panel of experts debate the value of electronic voting machines on March 8 at 7 pm. A Friends of the Law Library reception will be held before the program at 6 pm.   

Edward W. Felton, Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University
Penny Venetis, Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Director, Constitutional Litigation Clinic, Rutgers School of Law-Newark
Michelle Mulder, Counsel to Rep. Rush Holt (12th District, NJ)

4/27/06 Eminent Domain Panel Discussion
The Friends of the Rutgers Law Library attended a panel discussion entitled "After Kelo: Eminent Domain in New Jersey." The speakers were: Bernard W. Bell, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty, Rutgers School of Law-Newark; the Honorable Nia H. Gill, New Jersey State Senator for Legislative District 34; and the Honoarble Ronald K. Chen, Public Advocate of the State of New Jersey.
The discussion was moderated by John M. Payne, Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor and Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law-Newark. Video for this event.
5/20/05 Samuel J. Foosaner Dedication
The Law Library named the west reading gallery in honor of Samuel J. Foosaner — an alumnus, successful tax and estate planning attorney, and noted philanthropist — who died in 1988. The Foosaner Foundation, headed by his daughter Dione L. ("Dee") Negroni-Hendrick, has made a generous donation to the Rutgers Law Library in the name of Samuel J. Foosaner, Class of 1934. A luncheon and other ceremonies was held in the Law Library on Friday to honor the donor and his family. Photos
4/28/05 Professor Mark Weiner Reads from Black Trials
Professor Mark S. Weiner presented a reading from his new and critically acclaimed book, Black Trials: Citizenship from the Beginnings of Slavery to the End of Caste. A reception preceded the reading. Dean Stuart Deutsch and Library Director Carol Roehrenbeck also spoke at the event. Photos

2007-2008 DONORS TO DATE

Archivists ($500 or more)

  • Martin L. Brothers, Esq.
  • David C. Condliffe, Esq.
  • Henry Farer, Esq.
  • Fermin Garcia, Esq.
  • Barrngton G. Lopez, Esq.
  • Lawrence C. Nussdorf, Esq.
  • Mrs. Charlotte Quaintance
  • Mr. Daniel L. Robinson
  • Rutgers School of Law Alumni Association

Conservators ($300 to $499)

  • Paul J. Matinho, Esq.
  • Laurence M. Miller, Esq.
    8 Lott St.
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201) 659-4661
  • Piltzer & Piltzer
    77 Central Ave.
    P.O. Box 976
    Clark, NJ 07066-0976
    (732) 381-1000
  • Bari Schanerman, Esq.
  • Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement

Curators ($100 to $299)

  • Charles W. Bradley, Esq.
  • Earline Burgess, Esq.
  • Scott T. Burgess, Esq.
  • Joan T. Byalin, Esq.
  • Jon P. Campbell, Esq.
  • Eleonore K. Cohen, Esq.
  • Edward A. Devlin, Jr., Esq.
  • Mr. Stephen M. Eisdorfer
  • Andrew T. Fede, Esq.
  • Leonard I. Frieling, Esq.
  • Klaus Geipel, Esq.
  • Jacquelin P. Gioioso, Esq.
  • Russell P. Goldman, Esq.
  • Evelyn M. Hartmann, Esq.
  • Kenneth L. Johnson, Esq.
  • Samuel Darrow Lord, Esq.
  • Martha Ostrowitz, Esq.
  • Prof. Carol Roehrenbeck
  • Paulette Kendler Rudy, Esq.
  • Sally J. Rutherford, Esq.
  • Peter L. Salmon, Esq.
  • Leta Schlosser, Esq.
  • Linda Schofel, Esq.
  • Karl E. Seib, Esq.
  • Frank R. Sheed, Esq.
  • Harrison J. Snell, Esq.
  • Julianne Flach Sowinski, Esq.
  • Philip W. Stock, Esq.
  • Pickett E. Thomas, Esq.
  • Ann L. Vano, Esq.
  • Harold F. Vhugen, Esq.