Law Library Resources

In addition our online catalog available on the web, the Law Library has a large variety of digital resources available online.

Other Online Library Catalogs and Databases

Public Patrons, Faculty, Staff and Students can search the IRIS Catalog, which is the Rutgers University Library system Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). To view other useful OPACS see a listing of other useful Online Catalogs.

Rutgers students and faculty members may search for primary and secondary legal information through a variety of subscription databases available at the Rutgers Electronic Database Page.

Exams Archive

The library maintains an electronic Database of the School of Law exams between the Fall semester 1997 and the Fall semester 2005. Select exams from Fall 1992 until Spring 1997 are also available. These are currently password protected and located at the Exam Archive.

Legal Resources On the Internet

The staff of the Law Library maintains the following set of links to legal materials on the Internet:


The Library maintains a select group of pathfinders on a variety of Legal Topics. These can be browsed starting on our Electronic Pathfinders Page.

Criminal Justice Materials

Materials on Criminal Justice topics will be found in the School of Criminal Justice/NCCD Library, located within the 3rd floor of the Rutgers Law Library-Newark in the Rutgers Center for Law and Justice. The Criminal Justice Library telephone number is 973-353-3118. See also the World Criminal Justice Library Network